Ginsberg & Beier GmbH 


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Ginsberg & Beier GmbH 

Ginsberg & Beier Gmbh has headquarter in Uetersen, close to Hamburg.

The company is for more than 15 years in the business of trading with machines (capital goods) for pharmaceutical and food production. Starting in Hungary we have a subsidiary in Budapest (Ginsberg & Beier Kft) which also covers service for machines in Ukraina and Slovenia/Croatia.

3 years ago we started to expand our business activities to Russia and Ukraina, we already have an office in Kiev and a joint venture office in Moscow.

We exclusively represent the leading German machinery builiding companies as FETTE (tabletting machines), Lödige (blender, coater, granulation), Klöckner-Medipak (blister machines), AZO (product handling, weighing, dosing), HEINEN (drying technology)........

We already have several projects in Russia, as with Ferane, Pharmacia, Vostok, Evalar, ICN Kursk, St Petersburg, Baltimor, Russki Produkt....

In Russia we normally act like agents, so we prepare technical consulting meetings with our customers (an planning consultants), we discuss the applications and recommend the appropriate machine types for them. We invite customers to trial runs at the German suppliers, to reference visit in Germany (Pharma and Food companies), organize Symposia and trade shows (we take part on Pharmtech and Upakowka) and perform after sales.

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