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The regional company ecoplus was founded more than 45 years ago with the purpose of attracting new business settlement. Today, as the business agency for Lower Austria, ecoplus functions as both interface and hub for business and politics, companies and administration, investors and initiators of regional projects – on both national and international levels.

For decades, the name ecoplus has been synonymous with innovative business and regional development policies. Activities have been focused on developing the business location of Lower Austria – and on supporting companies based in Lower Austria. Whether resettlement or expansion of a company, allocation of attractive business locations, easier access to educational and R&D facilities, financial assistance for important regional projects, new cooperative and networking projects, or the first step into the new European markets – ecoplus has a wide range of targeted and continually evolving services aimed to help manage new business challenges. ecoplus offers companies as well as project backers and cooperation partners a broad service package comprising advice, support and information.
ecoplus acts in a network consisting of federation, state, municipalities and EU institutions as partners.
The commercial structure of ecoplus guarantees not only speed and flexibility, but also the very best contacts and ideal support for innovative ideas – all the way through to their realization.
ecoplus is organized as a limited liability company (Gesellschaft mbH) that is wholly owned by the province of Lower Austria. ecoplus is led by one managing director and three company secretaries and is overseen by Vice Governor Ernest Gabmann.

In order to provide its clients and partners with optimal support, ecoplus has now bundled its operations into three divisions, a reflection of the sheer variety of tasks, the breadth of engagement, and the development dynamic characterizing ecoplus.

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